Far Cry 5: Secure the checkpoint - The Cleansing

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Secure the checkpoint is an objective in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

Secure the checkpoint is an objective in the Main Quest , The Cleansing in Far Cry 5


Clearing the Peggies from the Security Checkpoint.


  • Pastor Jerome will help the Junior Deputy as they work to clear the checkpoint of the Cultists who hold it.
  • Immediately turn to the West and slide into a crouch.
  • Start going to the North after that, along the path leading toward the checkpoint itself.
  • Continue North to reach the fencing along the side of the checkpoint to ensure you can move along the checkpoint area with minimal chance of being notice.
  • Climb onto the large container and then go up to the top of the Security Gate.
  • Once there, immediately eliminate the Snipers up there with your equipped weapon.
  • Use the vantage point here, either drop down and perform a Death from Above takedown on some of the soldiers below you or attack from above with your weapon.
  • With most of the soldiers defeated, climb back down to ground level.
  • There is another group of Cultist Soldiers that will rush to the checkpoint for you to clear out.
  • Defeat them and move onto the final wave.
  • These can be seen coming in on their truck.
  • Throw a remote explosive or a proximity explosive to quickly deal with them.