Far Cry 5: The Judge Cougar

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The Judge Cougar is a Quest in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

The Judge Cougar is a Side Quest is Far Cry 5.


”The Cult's failed experiment is on the loose. Find the Bliss-soaked cougar and kill it!”


  • This side quest is available once you have liberated Sacred Skies Youth Camp.
  • Once it is liberated, talk with the Resistance Member found on site.
  • They will explain that Eden's Gate was attempting to do something with a cougar that got out of control.
  • They will also mention that just being near this creature is enough for you to start hallucinating.

  • To find the creature, you will need to travel about 2,000 meters, so head to the helicopter pad and spawn in a vehicle.
  • That will get you there the quickest.
  • There are quads nearby that can be grabbed, just be mindful of your path for rivers, trees, and mountainsides.
  • Make your way to the mountainside location that the cougar has claimed.

  • Once at the location, equip a rapid fire heavy weapon, using explosives can work against you here for now.
  • Start toward the Judge Cougar in front of you.
  • Begin firing on it once it is within range.
  • After doing some damage to the Judge Cougar, it will vanish and replace itself with a Wolf that will start to attack you.
  • Shoot it once to reveal it is an illusion and it will vanish.
  • Turn to the East from there, looking up the slope.
  • You will see the Judge Cougar on the flat rock there.
  • Head up the mountainside toward it and fire on it.
  • Lob a Proximity Explosive to the right of the rock for it, or the Turkeys it will transform into to detonate.
  • Deal with the turkeys that will rush you after it disappears this time.
  • Go up to this rockbed to collect a Medkit, if needed.
  • Continue farther up the mountainside here toward the next flat rockbed.
  • The Cougar will appear on top of it.
  • Once again, approach and fire on the cougar.
  • It will vanish once again, calling in a number more animals.
  • Be careful because this time, it will cause 6 illusionary Bison to appear that will charge you.
  • Run down to the previous rockbed, turn and fire on the bison to cut through them.
  • From the final bison, the Judge Cougar will reappear.
  • Now, move keeping your weapon trained on the cougar and gun it down.
  • If possible, use Proximity explosives at a distance to do heavy damage.
  • Loot the body to claim its pelt as you complete the mission.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Judge Cougar Video Walkthrough