Far Cry 5: The Warrant

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The Warrant is a Quest in Far Cry 5 (FC5).

The Warrant is a Main Quest is Far Cry 5


Arrest the cult leader


Reach the Church[edit]

  • The Marshals begin on a helicopter inbound for the compound of the Project of Eden's Gate.
  • Follow Marshal Burke forward through the compound.
  • Continue forward and into the church.
  • This begins a short cinematic that leads the Junior Deputy face to face with Joseph Seed.
  • You are given the choice to whether or not you will arrest Seed.

Walk the cult leader to the helicopter[edit]

  • With Joseph Seed in custody, it is time to return to the helicopter.
  • Just move forward through the compound, keeping in mind the Cultist are waiting, ready to attack.
  • Get into the helicopter to trigger the next mission.

Next Quest[edit]

No Way Out

Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Warrant Video Walkthrough