Far Cry New Dawn: Enter the back of Irwin's Truck - Inside Job

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Enter the back of Irwin's truck is an objective in Far Cry New Dawn (FCND).

Enter the back of Irwin's truck is an objective in the Story Mission, Inside Job in Far Cry New Dawn


  • With the racing gear acquired, it is time to get out of this area just as quietly as you came in.
  • Head to the North and go on up the ladder to reach the rooftop of the prison itself.
  • Go over the peak of the rooftop and scan the rooftop for the Highwayman guarding the rooftop.
  • Quickly move up behind them and get them with a takedown.
  • Continue to the North, using a Zipline to safely reach the ground (or the Double Jump if you have Eden's Blessing).
  • Get off the zipline while you are over the truck with Irwin inside.
  • Once again, climb into the truck and approach the cab from the cage in the bed of it.