Fortnite Battle Royale: Epic Vending Machine

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An Epic vending machine in Fortnite BR.

The Epic Vending Machine is a type of Vending Machine in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Can be distinguished by the purple color on its display.


  • The Epic Vending Machine lets you exchange 400 of a single material (Wood, Stone, Metal) for an Epic item such as a Epic Weapon or other type of Epic gear such as potions and equipment.

How it works[edit]

  • Vending Machines can be found in different locations around the map.
  • All items in a purple vending machine will be of Epic rarity
  • Price is 400 of a single resource for an Epic item (weapons, potions, etc)

Example setup[edit]

Possible Items[edit]

Items you get from the purple vending machine may include the following:

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Use your Harvesting Tool to cycle through the items faster.
  • The Epic vending machine has great gear so be sure to have resources ready as you can have a chance to get items such as SCARs and Sniper Rifles.
  • If you have excess resources in your inventory, you should also buy equipment for your squadmates, so that your squad is better prepared for endgame.


Vending Machine Locations[edit]

The map below has possible locations of vending Machines:


Vending Machines[edit]