Fortnite Battle Royale: Prison

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The prison at the northwest side of Moisty Mire in Fortnite BR

This is an unnamed location in Fortnite Battle Royale known as "The Prison" or simply "Prison".

It was located in the southeast part of the map, near Moisty Mire.


This was a big Prison with many jail cells and you can find a lot of chests, Floor Loot, and Ammo Boxes.As of Season 5, this place has been removed from the map




Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • You can find up to eight chests in the prison and prison towers.
  • Also check the roofs for some Ground Loot.
  • The Prison makes a good landing spot.
  • Lots of places to hide if you want to camp out.
  • The towers on the corner of the prison provide good vantage points for sniping.
  • If you have the Season 4 Battle Pass and have completed the Week 1 challenges, you can find a free Battle Pass tier on top of one of the towers.