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Trusty Number 2 Harvesting Tool in Fortnite BR.

Trusty No. 2 is the name of one of the Pickaxe Skins in Fortnite Battle Royale.


A pickaxe with a pencil sticking out from one of the blades.

"Ready to pass the test"

Part of the Hired Gun Set.

This item is a skin that modifies the look of your Pickaxe (Harvesting Tool).

How to get[edit]

Earned at Tier 79 of the paid Season 3 Battle Pass.



  • This harvesting tool is purely cosmetic and does not affect the speed in which you harvest materials.


  • The #2 pencil is the most common type of pencil used in the USA.
  • This item is a reference to the film John Wick, in which John Wick is rumored to have killed people with a pencil.

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