GTA V: Les Bianco - Del Perro Plaza

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Les Bianco in Del Perro Plaza in Grand Theft Auto 5

The Del Perro location of the Les Bianco Restaurant in Grand Theft Auto V

Les Bianco is a chain of fine seafood restaurants.


This location can be found in Del Perro Plaza in Del Perro, on the intersection of Red Desert Avenue and Bay City Avenue

It is right across the Del Perro Pier

The player cannot enter this building

Adjacent Businesses[edit]


  • This is a popular place to eat due to it being a walking distance from the Del Perro Pier.
  • Many patrons come here to dine after watching a movie at the nearby Astro Theaters complex.
  • While the player cannot go inside this building, there are diners seen eating and chatting at the outdoors seating section of the restaurant, which is accessible to the player.








Les Bianco Restaurant Locations[edit]

W. Eclipse Blvd
W. Eclipse Blvd
Del Perro Plaza
Del Perro Plaza
Rockford Plaza
Rockford Plaza