Survivor Radio is a radio channel giving the backstory/lore of H1Z1

Credit for summary below goes to Assassin8813 from Reddit:

Misc Notes

Poveglia, Venice, Italy - the 'gold mine' that Kurama did extensive research in, probably the breeding grounds of the infection
Executive Order 13526 - prescribes a uniform system for classifying, safeguarding, and declassifying national security information
Zombies get extremely worked up due to babies crying
Since Kurama put out the 'cure-all' drug, nobody has ever gotten sick in the apocalypse.


Kurama Pharmaceuticals - responsible for the apocalypse, invented a 'cure-all' drug that inadvertently caused infection
The Caravan - mobile trade group
The Runners - a group that gathers whatever supplies you need, recently were overrun by bandits
23rd Georgia Militia - a survivor group that prepared for this since before the outbreak


David David Kennedy "Double D" - reporter for the Survivor Radio
US Senator Robert Davidson - heavily involved with DARPA and Kurama
Doctor Charlie - age 51, helper of the radio reporter
Mrs. Evans (deceased) - first patient seen reanimated by Charlie
Christa "Moma" - leader of an orphanage
Teddy (deceased) - Momma's husband, got bit
Donald Michael Fredericks Jr. "Hayshaker" - leader of the caravan
Reginald Harvey Williams "Big Reg" - cook of the caravan, 5' 120lbs
Terry (deceased) - helper of Big Reg
Mikey - got pwnd by Big Reg
Commander Dale Edwards - leader of the 23rd Georgia Militia
T - 12 yr old female, now orphaned
John Hodge "Jack" - former criminal, now leads a town
Arin McGuire - 19 yr old female, test subject for Kurama
Raton (to the guys) Romeo (to the ladies) (probably deceased) - a supplier that leads The Runners
Rhonda "Tech" (deceased) - rolled with The Runners, tech support for them
"Slick Rick" Jarvis - gathered a fortune of wealth in the apocalypse, over $10 million

Zombie Stages

Stage 1 - symptoms similar to avian flu, one hour to set in
Stage 2 - lowered heart rate, eventual cardiac arrest
Stage 3 - reanimation