Marvel Heroes: Deadpool

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Deadpool is a superhero in the Marvel Heroes Game


Deadpool is a really versatile character. He uses pistols, swords, and as he levels he levels up he can take advantage of his healing factor to regain health over time.

How to unlock[edit]

  • Buy from Gs Store
  • Get as a special rare drop


Real Name: Wade Winston Wilson

Identity: Secret

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 210 lbs.

Base Attributes[edit]


Skill Trees/Powers[edit]

Hurty Fighty Tricky
Bang Bang Flesh Wound Superior Healing Factor
Foot Gougers Swift Kick Itty Bitty Boom
Armor Buster Slice n Dice Get Better Fast
More Bullets Stop Drop and Roll Lil Deadpool
Bang Boom Stabby Flip Power Ups
Shoot All The Bullets Big Ol Stab Stink Bomb
Awesome Lunge of Death God Mode
Bodyslide by One


Server Lag


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Deadpool Pirate Costume - Enhanced
Deadpool Sheriff
Deadpool Unmasked
Deadpool X-Force
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