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Individual Values in Pokemon Go.


Individual Values (or IV's) are the hidden stats which determine the Strength, Stamina and Defense of any Pokemon in the mobile app Pokemon Go. Each point is assigned a random value between 0-15. 0 is the worst stat and will see the least growth. 15 is the best stat and will see massive growth overall.

Determining a Pokemon's stats can be done using a mathematical formula or any number of IV calculators found online.

HP Stat Formula[edit]

Go HP = 2 x HP Stat

Attack Formula[edit]

Go Attack = (Attack x Special Attack)^0.5 + Speed^0.5

Defense Formula[edit]

Go Defense = (Defense x Special Defense)^0.5 + Speed^0.5

Determine Combat Points[edit]

Combat Points = ((Base Attack + Attack IV) x (Base Defense + Defense IV)^0.5 x (Base HP + HP IV)^0.5 x (Power Up Value^2)/10)