Secret of Mana: Exile from Potos Village

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Exile from Potos Village is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


Having pulled the Mana Sword from the stone, the Elder is forced to make a hard decision.


  • After the Mantis Ant fight, Randi and Gemma will talk.
  • Gemma will explain that the Mana Sword's power is drained and it must be recharged by the person who removed it from the stone.
  • Timothy will come over after the conversation and tell Randi the Elder wants to talk with him.
  • Go back into the Elder's house.
  • A short cutscene runs with Randi getting exiled from the village.
  • Follow the Elder's suggestion and go down into the basement using the Top right stairs inside this room.
  • Open the chest in the basement to collect 50 GP.
  • If you have not bought and equipped the Bandanna from the shop in Potos, go to the shop and buy it.
  • You should also pick a few Medical Herbs, in case they are needed.
  • Take a moment to visit the Inn and Save if you have not already
  • After that, go to the bottom left of the Village.
  • Talk with the man at the entrance of Potos, and you will be exiled.

Next Quest[edit]

To the Water Palace

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Video Walkthrough