Find the Sprites is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


When Randi arrives, the Sprite Village has been attacked and not a single sprite can be found. After searching the whole town, they decide to check in the nearby palace.


  • Having defeat Spring Beak, go to the North.
  • Go up the short stairs and go through the double doors.
  • This leads into the Wind Palace.
  • Inside this Palace, go up the stairs in front of you.
  • Touch the seed with your Sword to seal the seed.
  • Talk with the person to the left of the seed.
  • This is Popoi's Grandfather.
  • Talk with them to learn about what has happened to the Sprites.
  • He will give you the Wind Elemental: Sylphid.
  • You are told to use the Analyzer to find the proper element to use on Crystals.
  • Next you will need to head to the Cave of the White Dragon to the North, by way of Matango.

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Video Walkthrough

Find the Sprites Video Walkthrough