Return to Underground Palace is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


The party is too late to save the Water Seed. Though this doesn't appear to be the empire's doing, Luka tells Randi to search for the stolen Mana Seed in the Underground palace near Gaia's Navel.


  • Head South and over to the West from there to reach the Teleporter over to the Haunted Forest.
  • Make your way out of the Forest and into Gaia's Navel.
  • Head through Watts's shortcut.
  • Take a moment and visit Watts so you can upgrade a few weapons.
  • After that, possibly visit the Inn to heal and save.
  • Continue down to the entrance area to find the Dwarf Elder and Gemma.

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The Scorpion Battleship

Video Walkthrough

Water Palace to Gaia's Navel