The Trial of Courage is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


"Finally, the party manages to catch up to John. He tells the party to progress through the Passage of Trials in order to learn true courage."


  • The way to the Passage of Trials is opened up to the party.
  • Go over to the new opening to the left of the platform with Joch and Jehk.
  • Equip someone in the party with your Axe to smash through rocks that will be in your way.
  • Just inside you will encounter a Nitro Pumpkin.
  • Be wary of it since it can cast Wall.
  • Head West and then North, breaking through the rocks in your way.
  • On the other side of those rocks is another Nitro Pumpkin.
  • Continuing North you will encounter a Shapeshifter, a Captain Duck and another Nitro Pumpkin.
  • Just beyond them are some more rocks to break, but also a Marmablue, and another Nitro Pumpkin.
  • This will bring you to a split in the past, one passage going to the Southwest, one to the South.
  • Smash the rocks with your Axe and head to the South.
  • Continue to the Southeast to reach a short passage with a whip pillar at its end guarded by a Shape Shifter.
  • On the far side of the gap, you will encounter another 2 Nitro Pumpkin that will be after you.
  • Following the path to the North, you will find another Marmablue.
  • Smash through the rocks in front of you with the axe to encounter more Shape Shifters.
  • Follow the walkway to the West to continue forward.
  • Break through the next set of rocks and follow the path to the Northwest.
  • The passage will turn to the East, leading to more Shape Shifters and rocks that are in your way.
  • Past the next set of rocks you will encounter another 2 Nitro Pumpkin and a Shape Shifter, but you are close to the end of the Passage of Trials.
  • As you reach the next turn, another Marmablue will appear to attack your party.
  • Defeat it and smash your way through the rocks at this junction.
  • Beyond these rocks, you will encounter a number of Shape Shifters, and above them to the North, another Marmablue and Nitro Pumpkin.
  • The final enemy in your way is a Shape Shifter.
  • Defeat it or just run by it and head into the next room.

Boss - The Shadows

  • In this room you will encounter the bosses: Shadow #1, Shadow #2, and Shadow #3.
  • These foes can be beaten either through a traditional fight or allowing your characters to be defeated.
  • Each time one is defeated, their shadow will vanish, just be sure to use a Cup of Wishes on them to restore them.
  • Using Lucid Barrier to ignore their physical attacks, making the fight very easy.

Returning to Joch

  • With the shadows defeated, head South, out of the boss chamber.
  • This will immediately take you back to the entrance room.
  • Go up the short set of stairs and talk with Jehk to complete this quest.

Next Quest

Reaching the Mana Palace

Video Walkthrough

The Trial of Courage Video Walkthrough