Cowflop Farmhouse in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Cowflop Farmhouse is a location in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim found in Rorikstead.

Most of the time this building is locked (Novice level). Outside the house you will find some Lavender and a Purple Mountain Flower. To the East you will find the pasture they raise. You can find a Grain Mill with a dozen bushels of Wheat that you can harvest every 10 game days. There is a chicken coop with 2 nests, there are also a number of cabbages and potato plants that can be harvested as well.

Inside the house you will find a wooden table with a lot of cooked food on it. ABove that you will find a number of rabbits, some phesanant and a little bit of salmon.

Head over to the left from the entrance to find a cupboard. There is a good supply of cheese here, some cabbage, carrots, garlic, a healing potion and a skill potion. In the western corner corner is a food barrel with more cabbage. Keep moving along to findsome Wine and Alto Wine. Nearby that you will find some Apple Pies, a Hunting Bow and some Iron Arrows. To the right of this table is a chest with some minor goodies inside it.

Head over to the double-bed. Check out the end tables to find some more wine and a filled Soul Gem.

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