'Gather Crops is a Radiant Quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


At each of these locations, the farmer will buy ALL of your stock of a particular item. If you have a lot of Nirnroot, you can bring it and sell it. This applies to Potatoes, Cabbages, Gourds, Leeks, and Wheat . There is only one vendor who will buy Nirnroot. Remember, whatever you want to sell, check your inventory first. While it is only a little money, this can be useful early game to build up some funds.

Whiterun Hold

Alfhild Battle-Born - Battle-Born Farm

Lemkil - Lemkil's Farmhouse

Reldith - Cowflop Farmhouse

Severio Pelagia - Pelagia Farm


Azzada Lylvieve - Dragon Bridge

Katla - Katla's Farm

Eastmarch Hold

Belyn Hlaalu - Hlaalu Farm

Bolfrida Brandy-Mug - Brandy-Mug Farm

Tulvur - Hollyfrost Farm

Falkreath Hold

Mathies - Corpselight Farm

The Rift

Addvild - Snow-Shod Farm

Avursa Sarethi - Sarethi Farm

Boti - Fellstar Farm

Synda Llanith - Merryfair Farm

The Reach

Vigdis Salvius - Salvius Farmhouse