Skyrim: Rift Imperial Camp

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Rift Imperial Camp
Rift Imperial Camp

Rift Imperial Camp is a Camp Location in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Thiss Imperial Camp is found to the South of Ivarstead and only a short distance from Ruins of Bthalft to the Southwest.


This is a tiny and compact Imperial Camp. There is a Cooking Spit in the center of the location and several tents where the Imperial Soldiers can be found sleeping in. Outside the the medical tent you can find an Alchemy Lab for anyone to use. This tent is to North of the Cooking Spit. To the east, behind a set of tents, you will find the workstation for the Imperial Quartermaster. With them you will find a Grindstone, Anvil, and a Workbench for any improvements you might need to make to your weapons and armor.

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