The UAZ 469 Jeep ("A469") in Spintires

The Type A-469 vehicle is a jeep in Spintires


This 4x4 scout jeep is best used for uncloaking parts of the map and finding new garages/fuel depots. With narrow road tires it is not very good in the mud, and has trouble with deep water, but its main advantage is its small size. You can simply squeeze between trees and avoid muddy roads that larger vehicles will have to go through. If you do have to go through mud, make sure you are always within winching distance of trees. Leave the roads to the trucks, the woods belong to the 469.

You can take the Trunk addon to repair damage, but you will be far more prone to take damage with it attached. The trunk also increases the chance of getting snagged on trees. The trunk also makes the 469 more top heavy and thus likely to roll over.

The Type A-469 also has very low fuel consumption compared to the other trucks, even in Hardcore mode.

UAZ-469 ___


Fuel capacity 80 Litres
Damage capacity 300 points
Mass 1.4T
Game Balance Cost 1

Addons and trailers



A-469 Vehicle Default Wheels
Default Wheels