A player riding a tamed Brontosaurus using a Brontosaurus Saddle in ARK Survival Evolved.

The Bronto Saddle is a Saddle in ARK: Survival Evolved

You can equip the saddle on a tamed Bronto to ride it.

Craft Bronto Saddle[edit]

To craft the Brontosaur Saddle, the following materials are required: 350 x Hide, 185 x Fiber, 40 x Metal Ingot

Craft the Bronto Saddle at a Smithy

Bronto Saddle Level[edit]

Minimum lvl to unlock the Bronto Saddle Engram is level 55.

You need to spend 21 Engram Points to unlock the recipe.

Engram: Bronto Saddle
Engram: Bronto Saddle

Bronto Saddle Stats[edit]

  • Armor: 25
  • Weight: 20

New players Advice[edit]

  • If you don't see the Engram on your engram list, it means you are not high enough level. You need to be level 55 to learn the engram. But you don't have to ride every dino you tame, they are also quite useful unsaddled.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Remember that you need a Smithy to craft the Bronto Saddle
  • The Bronto Saddle is one of the higher level saddles (min lvl: 55), meaning you will only be able to learn the Engram later in the game.
  • The Bronto is slow but has an excellent carrying capacity.


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