A Compy in ARK: Survival Evolved

The Compy (Compsognathus) is a Dinosaur in ARK: Survival Evolved

It is a carnivore of species Compsognathus curiosicarius

It is one of the smaller predators on the island.

Taming a Compy[edit]

Use Prime Meat

Riding a Compy[edit]

Compys are so small, such as that you can not ride them.

Where to find a Compy[edit]

The Compy is more commonly found on the south park of the island, in grasslands.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • You can carry a Compy on your shoulder.


  • Due to their small size, Compsognathuses are often featured in Children's dinosaur books.
  • The Compy appeared in the movie Jurassic Park III.

Compy Dossier[edit]