Engram: Bronto Platform Saddle is an Engram for a buildable-on Bronto Saddle in ARK: Survival Evolved.

Used to craft a Bronto Platform Saddle which can be used for riding a Bronto (Brontosaurus) as well as building a mobile base on it.




Crafting Requirements for a Bronto Platform Saddle are as follows:

Craft Bronto Platform Saddle in Smithy.


Bronto Platform Saddle
Bronto Platform Saddle

Equip a Bronto with this to ride it. You can build structures on the large platform to make a mobile base.

Min Level/Engram Points[edit]

  • Minimum Level for unlocking this Brontosaurus Saddle Engram (Bronto Platform Saddle Level): 70
  • Engram points needed: 35

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • You can build most structures on the Bronto Platform Saddle.
  • Build a feeding trough on the saddle to feed nearby allied animals.
  • Build a bed on the saddle to be able to teleport to it upon death or between your different bases.

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