A Giant Beaver in ARK: Survival Evolved

The Giant Beaver is a creature in ARK: Survival Evolved

It is a herbivore of species Castoroides feliconcisor.

Taming a Giant Beaver[edit]

The Giant Beaver is Tameable.

Use Mejoberries.

The Giant Beaver likes Gallimimus kibbles

Riding a Giant Beaver[edit]

You can ride a Giant Beaver using a Castoroides Saddle which is unlocked at level 55.

Giant Beaver Location[edit]

You can often find Giant Beavers on grassy and hilly areas in the east and southeast of the map.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Giant Beavers can gather wood.

Giant Beaver Dossier[edit]




  • Castoroides were the largest ever Beavers known to exist.