A Quetzal in ARK: Survival Evolved.

The Quetzal (Quetzalcoatlus) is a creature in ARK: Survival Evolved

It is a Carnivore of species Quetzalcoatlus conchapicem.

Taming a Quetzal[edit]

It is hard taming a Quetzal solo, but it is possible

You can tame a Pulmonoscorpius, leave it on aggressive and carry it with an argent that has decent movespeed or you can take a bird and fly till you're a bit in front and to the left of the Quetzal and dismount and "board" the wild Queztal at which point your free to tranq, or punch it out of the sky as you ride it's back.you can parachute down and Tranq the quetzal well you fall down

    • Note** It is no longer possible to land on the Quetzal at all, so the above methods no longer work.

Riding a Quetzal[edit]

You can ride a Quetzal using a Quetz Platform Saddle which is unlocked at level 97 for 80 Engram Points.

A regular (non-platform) saddle is available at level 76 for 44 engrams

Quetzal Location[edit]

The Quetzal can be found flying high above mountains/hills/volcano toward the center/northwest of the map.

Carrying other creatures[edit]

The Questzal can carry The following creatures:

Also, they are able to carry the newly released Wooly Rhino. And carnos

they can also cary thethylos

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

Quetzal Dossier[edit]