Archive Log 001: Just Missed You

Archive Log 001

A communication message in the LM-LINK System in Alien: Isolation.

Can be accessed through an LM-LINK Terminal



Verlaine, you on the lookout for a navigational officer? I have a friend that's just lost his ship and he's looking for work. I can vouch for him. he's got good papers.

Same old story - the megacorps undercut him, picked up all his clients. Contracts are getting harder to come by for the smaller companies and I'm thinking of getting out myself while I still have something to see. Sounds like you're doing okay though. Dropped by the docks and hear you just shipped out. Sevastopol station - what a shithole. Still, I hear Weyland-Yutani pay well.

Good luck to you - If you can't beat them, right? Let's catch up when you get back.


Accessed at[edit]

LM-LINK Terminal in the Bunk Room of the Torrens