Archive Log 003 Torrens Manifest

Archive Log 003

A communication message in the LM-LINK System in Alien: Isolation.

Can be accessed through an LM-LINK Terminal


Name: MSV-7760 Torrens

M-class starship

Captain: VERLAINE, Diane

Navigator/Comm officer: CONNOR, William

Owner: VERLAINE, Diane

Contractor: Weyland-Yutani

Outbound and return transportation for Weyland-Yutani retrieval team to Sevastopol Station

Team consists of three W-Y employees: Samuels, C, Ripley. A, Taylor, N

Passengers: Samuels, Christopher. Ripley, Amanda. Taylor, Nina

Number of Decks - Two

Number of Crew - Two

Interstellar communications antenna. Long haul Hypersleep Chamber. Commercial passenger/cargo ship retrofitted from a tow ship.

Accessed at[edit]

LM-LINK Terminal in the Galley of the Torrens