Entrance to the Lorenz SysTech Lobby in Aliens: Isolation.
ELorenz SysTech Lobby

The Lorenz SysTech Lobby in the game, Alien: Isolation

Located at the Upper Level of the Lorenz SysTech Spire


  • There is an Elevator leading to Seegson Communications in this lobby. However, you need a Security Access Tuner to hack the elevator
  • The Security Access Tuner is found near the elevator. It's circuits are fried, and you need a Data Cell to fix it.
  • When you first enter the lobby, a woman shoots at you and then goes looking for help. Crouch to avoid getting hit.
  • When the woman leaves the room, feel free to search the area. But do NOT go to where the woman was standing until you are done exploring the rest of the lobby. Once you go there, the woman and her friends come back and will shoot at you.
  • There is a Tape Player and an ID Tag on a reception desk in the center of the room.
  • There is a vent at the upper level of this room that leads you to a small storeroom with scraps and revolver ammo.