Archive Log 009 Pulling the Plug

Archive Log 009

A communication message in the SEVASTOLINK System in Alien: Isolation.

Can be accessed through a SEVASTOLINK Terminal in a restaurant near the Cred-Op Amusements arcade center.


Zoe, I’m sorry, bur I won’t need you to come in next week

As you know, the store’s been in trouble for some time now and I couldn't hold off the creditors any longer There's just no-one coming to Sevastopol anymore

It's not just us either - it sounds like the whole station is in the red and they’re pulling the plug. Going to sell it oil I or scrip, I guess. I was speaking to one of the engineers and he reckons they’ll announce it soon. Pm telling you this so you don't stick around looking for another job. Sevastopol's finished, time to move on. Harper