Archive Log 017 Two-Man Rule

Archive Log 017

A communication message in the SEVASTOLINK System in Alien: Isolation.

Can be accessed through a SEVASTOLINK Terminal in a u-shaped corridor in Freight Shipping, right after you and Axel distract the Looters by shutting down the power generator.


Nearson, Leonard, you’re both first shift on the door so read carefully.

Putting this together wasn't easy and we don’t want intruders getting in because you didn't read the instructions properly.

This here is what you call a two-man rule lock. This means it needs two to open the door simultaneously from two different consoles. Most of us don’t know each other, so this is the safest way of making sure everything stays secure and none of us decide to head off on their own with our stuff. When you’re on shift, take it in turns to keep guard and notify the other if one of us needs to be let in or out.

That means just us, no~one else. No matter how much anyone begs and no matter what sob story they try and pull. I was with a group before and we got soft and now I’m the only one left

Trust no-one.


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