The Hypersleep Chambers on the Torrens in Aliens: Isolation.

This is the Hypersleep chamber on the courier ship, Torrens, in Alien: Isolation

Has Cryotubes where the crew can be frozen into a cryogenic sleep (hypersleep) during long interstellar flights

At the beginning of the game, Amanda wakes up from her Cryotube as the ship is approaching Sevastopol

Located on Deck A of the Torrens

Has hyper-sleep capsules for Torrens crew members, including:

There are also Terminals for the crew to sign in once they have awoken from the hypersleep




  • There is a book near one of the pods: Frank Herman: "War in Totality"
  • There are some magazines: "Lunar Style", and "FastCraft"
  • There is a box of cigarettes near Connor's Pod, brand is "Koorlandep Gold"