Verlaine helping Taylor get into her Spacesuit in the Airlock of the Torrens.
The Airlock opens. A stunning view of the Sevastopol Station
Amanda Ripley barely making it into the Sevastopol

Verlaine: The station's comms seem pretty screwed up, so I've fitted Samuels' suit with a radio booster. I can only keep the Torrens in transit for twenty-four hours.

Samuels: You'll have heard from us by then.

Verlaine: Safe trip.

Taylor: My contract doesn't cover bloody space-walks

Amanda: It's the only option. and it's perfectly safe if you do what I tell you.

SYSTEM: Depressurizing

Taylor: Hating this!

Amanda: Just shadow me, Taylor. You too, Samuels

Samuels: Affirmative.

Taylor: My god, Ripley

Amanda: You're doing good, Tay-


Amanda: Just keep moving!

Samuels: Taylor! Ripley! Hold on!

Amanda: Samuels? Taylor? Respond, anybody!