Moonshadow Glider in ArcheAge

Transportation - Gliders - Moonshadow Glider[edit]

The Moonshadow Glider can be obtained by purchasing the Design: Moonshadow Glider on Mirage Isle to craft the glider at a Carpentry Workbench.

  • Min. Lv 40
  • Backpack Slot
  • Use: Equip a glider and use this to start gliding. You can only use glider skills while in flight, and you will stop gliding if you land or are attacked.
  • Equip effect: Unable to add another backpack
  • Shop Price: 7 gold

Flight Stats[edit]

  • Flight Speed: Moderate
  • Gliding Ability: High
  • Turning Speed: Very High
  • Initial Speed: High
  • Special Skills: Shadow Flight

Crafting Design: Moonlight Shadow Glider[edit]