The Jackdaw in AC4 Black Flag

The Jackdaw is what Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag's developers call the "second main character" of the game.

It is Edward Kenway's ship, which he can use to traverse the game's massive open Caribbean world and which he can also use to combat enemy ships.

Sections of the Jackdaw[edit]

The Jackdaw has several important locations on it.


The wheel of the Jackdaw is the place where Edward can steer the ship.

From here, he can pilot the ship and order around his crew.


The cannons of the Jackdaw are its primary form of offense.

They fire in an arc from the sides of the ship in large clusters.


The Swivels are smaller cannons that can be used for pinpoint targeting.

Sails and Masts[edit]

Edward can climb up the sails and the masts, and even use them as vantage points from which to spot enemy ships with the spyglass or board them from above.