This page has details on the treasure chest buried at coordinates (749,625)

Treasure Map Location[edit]

The treasure map for this treasure was found in Abaco Island at the southwest part of the island:


Treasure Map Screenshot[edit]

Screenshot of the treasure map:


Treasure Chest Location[edit]

The treasure chest is found in an island called Salt Lagoon.

Salt Lagoon is located on coordinates 749,625 approximately 3,000m from Abaco Island, bearing southeast:


Where to dig[edit]

Go to the northwestern part of the island and find the pile of branches on the ground:

Saltlagoontreasure.jpg Saltlagoontreasurelocationdig.jpg

Dig locations is there. Run around until you see the dig option.

Chest Contents[edit]

Loot from this chest is 3000 Spanish Reales and plans for a serpent figurehead: