You can combine multiple Vehicles for extra storage and power produced in Astroneer

This page has hints, tips, and advice for the game Astroneer.

Credit for many of these tips go to /u/WillowInTheWater from the /r/Astroneer subreddit. Feel free to add your own tips.

Beginner Tips[edit]

  • Your starting habitat or extension hubs only have a limited number (5) of extensions they can have. Make an extension off the habitat and make that a new extension hub. You cannot delete them!
  • The terrain tool has 3 modes. Press Right Bumper [RB] to switch between them. The third mode is for making flat surfaces and inclines.
  • The smelter will turn certain ores into ingots that you can build with. (Aluminum, Copper)
  • Unknown objects can be researched to get resources or new research. Research will allow you to craft new things! You can only get a certain amount of research from a certain type of unknown object before it starts just giving you ores.
  • Climbing into the habitat or a vehicle will save the game.
  • You can hook up more than one vehicle to each other and make a train! Weight does affect it though.
  • When making a vehicle, if you want to be able to take off the chair in the future, don't build one on with the vehicle bay. Use a chair found in the wild.
  • Don't touch moving plants.
  • Gas/poison plants can be neutralized by digging out the ground underneath them.
  • Don't touch the blinking red eyed vine.
  • Low gravity hurts you more when falling.
  • Shuttles will blow over in storms.
  • If a mountain or horizon covers your home or beacon, you can't see it. Be careful to keep them in sight or you may get lost! (Remember you have a compass too!)
  • Tethers can be picked up and moved or put in your backpack.


  • The [Select] button shows basic controls.
  • Use Left Trigger [LT] (or keyboard version) to hover over items or buttons you want to select and Right Trigger [RT] to select it.
  • When an item is selected you can press [X] button to put it straight into the bag without opening it.
  • Clicking in the Right Thumbstick [RS] will change your camera view.
  • Selecting yourself will show you a compass.
  • To make an extension off your habitat or hub hover over the circular attachment at the base with [LT] Left Trigger until it highlights a small ring around it. Press [RT] Right Trigger to extend it or put it back in. (You can not extend off a built station. You can only extend off of extensions or your habitat. Always build at least one extension to be used as an extension hub and build off of that.)


  • Basic Useful Items
  • Battery: Holds extra power. Useful for digging, exploring underground and nighttime. Worn in backpack or can be stuck on any socket.
  • Tank: Extra oxygen. Useful if you don't have a tether or get caught in a storm. Worn in backpack.
  • Power Cells [research item]: Consumable power. Useful if you have spare compound and need to power equipment at night. Worn in backpack or can be stuck on any socket. Disappears when used up.

Finding your home[edit]

  • If you highlight your player with your cursor it'll show a compass. That may help it you know what direction it was when you left. If not then leaving a bread crumb trail with either beacons or tethers are probably your other options.
  • Or you still can kill your character to spawn at your station. :) Items would be lost but not much of a lose, maybe the vehicle


  • Currently you can use the fuel condenser to basically get unlimited resources from the trade platform. It's allows you to not ever have to leave the base again. (This may change in an update)
  • Don't dig up trees or leave objects lying around if you can avoid it! Having moving/glitchy objects that are also affected by the games wind affects framerate. This will be crucial later along in game. Covering them in a hole won't make a difference. (Temporary problem resulting from bugs in the current version.)

Crashed Solar Panel[edit]

  • Use the winch, try digging a T-shaped hole in the ground. The horizontal part is for the metal parts on the left and right of the solar panel and the vertical part is simply a hole to drop the winch in. Assuming you attach the winch to lower part of the solar panel it should automatically stand up straight. You may need to nudge the winch into the hole using the terrain tool.


  • You can combine multiple Vehicles for extra storage and power produced.

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