Noble is a Background in Baldur's Gate 3.


You were raised in a family among the social elite, accustomed to power and privilege. Accumulating renown, power, and loyalty will raise your status.



By performing certain actions that align with this background, you will be awarded Inspiration. Completing the events will also award NobleP to characters with the background.

Act 1[edit]

Location Exp Reward Name Description
Anywhere 25 Dragon's Horde Have at least 2000 gold among the party.
Anywhere 20 Fine By Me Use your wealth to bribe a guard.
Anywhere 20 Noblesse Oblige Dismiss a companion for interrupting a conversation or Ignore the pleas or requests of a companion in dialogue.
Anywhere 25 Penchant for Diplomacy Reach a High level of approval with a companion.
Anywhere 20 Soul for Sale Acquire a Soul Coin for your personal collection.
Campsite 20 Lest Ye Be Judged Learn Astarion's history as a magistrate.
Campsite 30 Blueblood Solidarity Learn Wyll's family history.
Blighted Village 25 Bodguards for Hire Recruit the Ogres to fight for you.
Goblin Camp 25 A Man of Many Talents Expand your retinue by bringing Volo to camp.
Goblin Camp 30 Eldritch Authority Become a True Soul .
Underdark 25 Entitled Earn a title for your deeds
Can be awarded for completing Duergar Intruders for Sovereign Spaw
Underdark 30 Know Your Place Leverage your your role in the draw matriarchy to force Dhourn to abandon his quest.
Waukeen's Rest 30 Protector of the Duke Rescue Counseller Florrick from Waukeen's Rest, which is on fire

Act 2[edit]

Location Exp Reward Name Description
Last Light Inn 50 Noble Feline Speak with the lordly cat at Last Light.
Last Light Inn 60 Favor for a Favor Wake Art for Counsellor Florrick and the Flaming Fist.
Last Light Inn 60 Patrician of the Grove Recruit Halsin.
Shadow-Cursed Lands 50 Odd Entourage Complete the drider escort to Moonrise
Reithwin Town 50 Taxes? Never Heard of 'Em Don't give any gold to the Tax Collector
Moonrise Towers 50 A Velvet Glove Spare the goblins.
Moonrise Towers 50 An Iron Fist Execute the goblins.
Moonrise Towers 50 Can't Bribe 'em All Bribe Moonrise's warden.
Moonrise Towers 60 Nobleborn as Below, so Above Recruit Minthara.
Moonrise Towers 60 Top of the Ladder Meet Ketheric at the top of Moonrise.
Moonrise Towers 75 Ketheric's Loss Learn Ketheric's past.
Gauntlet of Shar 60 Meat Shield Obtain Balthazar's bell and summon his flesh golem.
Gauntlet of Shar 75 Recognized by Shadows Pass all of Shar's trials.

Act 3[edit]

Location Exp Reward Name Description
Rivington 125 Alms for the Unfortunate Donate something to the refugees.
Rivington 135 Exerting Judgment End the squabbling between the merchant and the squatters
Rivington 135 Press Release Complete Lens' interview.
Rivington 135 The Right Oil for Any Situation Gain access to the circus.
Rivington 170 Interrupted Communications Discover where the missing letters went.
Rivington 170 Newfound Subject Feed a brain to the freshly turned mindflayer.
Rivington 170 Backing the Established Players Side with the Guild during the confrontation.
Wyrm's Rock Fortress 170 Procedures Be Damned Enter Wyrm's Rock without a pass.
Wyrm's Rock Fortress 170 Multipass Use the urgent Ravengard missive to pass the Flaming Fist checkpoint.
Lower City 135 Updating Your Wardrobe Obtain a sumptuous new garment from Figaro's.
Lower City 170 Wine Connoisseur Warn Mrs Highberry of the poisoned wine.
Lower City 170 Underbelly Diplomat Gain access to the Undercellar.
Lower City 170 The Means of Coercion Find the true reason the Gondians are cooperating with Gortash.
Witness the conversation between Gondian Lowa and Black Guantlet Tamia Holzt when first entering Steel Watch Foundry
Lower City 220 Titles for the Collection Become the Unholy Assassin of Bhaal.
Lower City 220 Defamed No More Sabotage the printing press.
Lower City 220 The Wealth of Morality Choose a side between the Guild and Zhentarim during the Aid the Underduke
Lower City Sewers 170 An Apocalyptic Deal Accept an impossible deal by convincing Mol