The Game Screen Batman:AO

1. XP: The green bar in the upper left corner shows Batman’s current experience (XP) level. Batman can earn XP by defeating criminals. When the green bar is filled he may purchase an upgrade from WayneTech.

2. Health/Armor: The blue bar underneath the XP gauge displays Batman’s health. Purchase upgrades from the WayneTech menu to add additional armor to the Batsuit, making it more resilient to gunfire or melee attacks.

3. Compass: The compass can be found at the top of the screen. Waypoints appear on here, indicating the direction Batman should travel in to reach his objective.

4. GADGETS: Batman’s arsenal is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen. Progress through the story to unlock additional gadgets.

5. RETICLE: The targeting reticle appears whenever there is a nearby ledge for Batman to grapple to, or when manually aiming a Gadget.