This page will compile a list of tips, hints, and tricks for the game Battlerite, for both new and advanced players.

  • The lineup that has less heals generally has to play more aggressively, to make it hard for the enemy to heal up. So if you have less heals, play aggressively, and if you have more heals, kite and trade as much as possible as opposed to engaging all out.
  • If an enemy runs away with low HP, it's often better to 2v1 the other enemy than to chase the runner unless it's a clear kill.
  • Use C (default cancel key) on spells with long animations (like Jumong and Jade RMB) to bait out counters.
  • It's easy to get sidetracked with having many spells, but most of the damage usually comes out of LMB. Focus on hitting your LMB and use the rest of your spells as supplementary damage and utility.
  • Try to get in a Y shape position, where you and your ally are the top edges, the enemy that you're focusing is in the middle and the other enemy is at the very end. Unless the enemy at the end is 100% dedicated to healing, this ensures that your team is dealing more damage while the enemy at the end is struggling to get in range to use their spells. This point is pure theorycraft, I'm not sure if it's true or practical at high level play.
  • Rather than cancelling your abilities or waiting to bait out counters, you can flick your slow casts or change target for your autos. This maximizes your dps while allowing you to not trigger counters. Best case, you trigger the enemy counter AND hit one of his teammates.
  • Make note of your opponents level of thinking. Do they always counter when given the first opportunity? (90% of players do). Bait it out and punish.
  • Learn the downtimes of the different heroes. Punish them when they can't escape.
  • Play with a friend and voice comm. You'll improve faster, have more fun and face less to no flaming.
  • Don't chase ranged characters and fire if you're at maxed range. The ranged character running will be firing back so basically you are stepping into his range while he is stepping out of yours, meaning you will take a bunch of damage and he will go untouched.
  • Don't fire a burst ability at the orb than smaller damage abilities, makes stealing easier. Specifically in Jumong's case, hit the orb with seeker's arrow then RMB it and its a guaranteed orb grab, and the orb will refund you for the seeker's arrow too.
  • When fighting croak and ezmo, wait for two jumps before you commit to an engage.
  • Unlike games like overwatch, if you're stunned (we'll use jade for example) and want to spacebar jump away, instead of mashing the spacebar like you would in most games, as those games require a new input of spacebar down to trigger the ability, you can just hold it down and as soon as your character can, she will jump
  • say you'r Bakko and you jump into the enemy. try not to jump too far into them at start (when neither team has upperhand). so if things go sour or they jump on your back line its not as long to walk back to your team.

Credit: Many of the tips were compiled from the /r/battlerite subreddit on reddit from a thread by user /u/11999590430420