A character being revived in BnS

If you lose all your health in Blade & Soul then you will die, and you must either revive or be resurrected by your teammates.

To revive, press "4" to resurrect and be teleported to the nearest Windstride

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • When your HP points first hit 0. you might not die immediately but instead enter a "downed" state. You can slowly crawl out of the combat zone and once in the clear you will start regenerating HP again by pressing "1" (Chi Restoration)
  • If you get hit while in Chi Restoration then you will die.
  • You can also press "2" while downed to ask for help from party members, or press "3" to surrender (PvP only). Surrendering will transport you to nearest respawn point and unequip your pvp costume.
  • Press "4" to revive to the closest Windstride.
  • If your class is Summoner, your Familiar may also need reviving. To revive familiar, press the appropriate keybind (either TAB or ALT). Logging out and back again will also often bring the Familiar back if there was a bug with reviving it.
  • There is not much of a death penalty other than losing weapon durability, and having to travel back from the Windstride to the location you died in, if you were in the middle of something and want to continue in that area.

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