Boll ECHO Recording 1

Boll ECHO Recording 1 is an item found in Borderlands 2


Boll's evidence that Lilith (aka the Firehawk) is alive and part of Roland's resistance.


ECHO Recording 1[edit]

Roland: I like this place. Hyperion shouldn't be able to find you here.

Lilith: Thanks. I tried to make it very ...

Roland: Gruesome?

Lilith: I was gonna say 'cozy.'

Roland: You've strapped charred bandit corpses around the entrance.

Lilith: Corpses can be cozy. Kinda like our place in New Haven, before, um ...

Roland: Yeah, I'm going now.

Lilith: Suave, Lilith.

ECHO Recording 2[edit]

Roland: So what's the emergen--

Lilith: --I... liquified a guy.

Roland: Come again?

Lilith: I was out hunting, and I found some of that eridium... stuff, and one of those weird worshipper guys sees me. And I chase him down grab him and ...

Roland: Liquified?

Lilith: It was awesome! I dunno if its cause of the Vault opening, or being a Siren, or both - but this Eridium stuff is the tits.

Roland: You look really pale.

Lilith: Yeah, I passed out a few times . But this could be huge!

Roland: Okay, but why not just send an ECHO? Why call me out here and increase the risk of Hyperion finding out you're still working with the Crimson Raiders?

Lilith: Uh... um, because y--...ho-- how are you doing?

Roland; I think I'm gonna leave now.

ECHO Recording 3[edit]

Lilith: ...Jack just left 'em for dead in the snow, evidently. The raiders could use the help - you should track them down.

Roland: Another Vault Hunter, huh? I'll see if I can contact 'em by ECHO on my way back to Sanctuary.

Lilith: Good! You can go now.

Roland: What, I'm sorry? I just got here.

Lilith: I'm a little busy waging a one-woman war on every bandit in the tundra so YOU Can focus on taking down Jack. But hey, if you wanna hang out, I can just give this Firehawk thing and let the Bloodshots overrun Sanctuary.

Roland: Uh, no - no, you're, uh, you're right, of course.

Lilith: Are you sure? I could make cocoa. We could talk about boys.

Roland: I'll, uh I'll just talk to you once I've found the Vault Hunter. Sorry for -- sorry.

Lilith: Play hard-to-get. That's how ya do it.