In Cleaning up the Berg, a Borderlands 2 mission, you meet Sir Hammerlock who helps you repair Claptrap

Cleaning up the Berg is the third story mission in Borderlands 2. You get it after completing the mission Blindsided.


Reach Liar's Berg.

Defend Claptrap.

Secure Liar's Berg.

Meet Sir Hammerlock

Give Hammerlocks Claptrap's Eye.

Wait for Repair

Wait for Power

Turn in to Sir Hammerlock


After you recovered Claptrap's Eye from Knuckle Dragger, you need to find Claptrap's friend, Sir Hammerlock, so that he can plug the eye back into its place.

Level 3

Difficulty: Tough

Story Mission

Optional: No


Liar's Berg


Sir Hammerlock



Captain Flynt


Brat Bullymong


12 Gold

321 XP

Gear: Shield (Common)

Mission Briefing[edit]

Meet Sir Hammerlock. You've found Claptrap's eye, but he still needs someone to plug it into the socket. That someone happens to be one Sir Hammerlock who currently resides in the town of Liar's Berg. Claptrap wants you to head there now.

When you get there though, Sir Hammerlock refuses to help you until you clear the town of Captain Flynt's bandits.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

Claptrap can finally see! Now it's time to get to Sanctuary. Unfortunately, one man stands between you and the last free city on Pandora. His name: Captain Flynt.

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