This ECHO Recorder starts the mission "Handsome Jack Here" in Borderlands 2

Handsome Jack Here! is a side mission in Borderlands 2

Mission Starter[edit]

Echo Recorder: Handsome Jack Here!

Near Liar's Berg, in Gateway Harbor. See map below (The Yellow Arrow marks the location)



The Once and Future Slab


Southern Shelf


Find Audio Log

Find Next Audio Log

Find Final Audio Log

Turn in: Sir Hammerlock


What ever happened to Helena Pierce?

Find Helena Pierce's Audio Logs.

Level 3

Side Mission

Optional Mission



80 XP

A choice between two green (uncommon) pistols.


Progress Updates[edit]

"We've hijacked the train that runs through The Dust. If all goes well, we should get to Sanctuary in a day's time. Hyperion hasn't diverted any troops from New Haven to pursue us, and a sandstorm has devoured their nearest frontier town. We just need - oh dammit, everyone, get away from the windows! (sounds of explosion and glass shattering)" (Echo Recorder)

"You've discovered one of Helena Pierce's audio logs! She was a lieutenant in the Crimson Raiders - The anti-Hyperion resistance. I'd be very interested to know what became of her. If you could find the rest of those audio logs, I would be more than happy to pay you for them."

Handsome Jack: Hey everybody! How are ya? Jack Here!

Wilhelm: Nobody Move

Helena Piece: What is the meaning of this

Jack: I'm sorry what was your name? Well, Ms Pierce - and please don't tell me it's Mrs. Pierce and break my heart - this train doesn't belong to you. So why don't you turn around and face me, pumpkin?

Pierce: This train was commandeered legally under the -

Jack: Holy nutballs! (Laughter) What happened to your frickin' face?! Oh yeah? How about this - lady? I don't even know what to call you: you tell me why you look like you were headbutted by a belt sander, and I'll let all of you go right now.

Pierce: My husband gave me a Skag Pearl Ring. The pearl released hunger-inducing pheromones.

Jack: Oh. You know what? I am so sorry. I just... forgive me. Where is your husband now? He's Dead? That is a heartbreaker. But... you got something in common with him now at least (Jack kills Helena Pierce)... Hohahahaha holy crap! Did you see her head? It was like PBBLLT! Wilhelm? Kill these savages (Screams heard)"

"Handsome Jack killed her, didn't he? Shame, a real shame. Please return the ECHOs to me whenever you are capable of doing so" (Sir Hammerlock after you've found all the ECHO Recordings)

Mission Briefing[edit]

You found one of Helena Pierces audio logs in Southern Shelf, recorded just before her disappearance. Sir Hammerlock is curious of Piece's ultimate fate and wants you to find the rest of the audio logs.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

Helena Pierce never reached Sanctuary


First Audio Log: Liar's Berg Dumpster, behind fence on south side of town, smash lock to reveal.

Second Audio Log: On the roof of Sir Hammerlock's House. You have to climb the ladder, then jump up to the top platform of the roof, and smash a pile there.

Third Audio Log: On the side of the Motel inside the Ice Machine

Strategy Guide - Tips - Cheats[edit]

The waypoints on your map point you to the objective general area, but you will have to search for the Audio Logs yourself. See descriptions above for exact locations.