My First Gun, a mission in Borderlands 2. The gun is located in the leftmost crate marked with the diamond waypoint.

My First Gun is the first mission in Borderlands 2


Open cabinet

Get a gun.

Turn In: Cabinet


Level: 1

Difficulty: Normal

Rewards: 71 XP

Optional: No

Story Mission

Rewards: $10, 71 XP, Basic Repeater (Pistol)


Claptrap's Place







71 XP

Basic Repeater (Pistol)

Mission Briefing[edit]

Get a Gun. After Handsome Jack left you for dead in Windshear Waste, you escaped the cold and met a CL4P-TP General Purpose Robot - the last of his kind on Pandora.

Shortly after you entered Claptrap's Igloo. an enormous Bullymong broke in and removed Claptrap's eye. Claptrap needs your help to get it back. First things first though: You need a gun. Claptrap has asked you to grab one from his cabinet.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

You just moved five feet and opened a locker. Later, when you're killing skyscraper-sized monsters with a gun that shoots lightning, you'll look back on this moment and be like, "heh".

Achievement Unlocked[edit]

First One's Free

Next Story Mission[edit]