Uh…is this thing working? Woah. That's weird. <Ep12 - Pt3>
They were bandits. They tried to kill mi abuela. <Conv - MapEcho - SalB> was fun? <Conv - MapEcho - SalB>
Killing bad guys is always fun. <Conv - MapEcho - SalC>
Everybody get down! NOW! <Conv - MapEcho - SalC>
Quit your whining -- you still got the other one. Besides, you killed Judge Hector. Shot up my town. <Conv - MapEcho - SalD>
Nobody's perfect. Now -- why did you come here? <Conv - MapEcho - SalD>
What's a vault? <Conv - MapEcho - SalD>
I may be stupid, but at least I can walk, cabron. <Conv - MapEcho - SalD>
Ooh. That sounds fun. Alright -- you're free to go. Crawl on back to your amigos. <Conv - MapEcho - SalD> me Salvador. <Conv - MapEcho - SalD>
Explain it again, amigo. Into the recorder. <Sal - INVEcho>
(happy sigh). I loved every part of that sentence. Thanks for the tip, amigo. <Sal - INVEcho>
What was that? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of your arm breaking. <Sal - INVEcho>