The scorpio is a unique mission reward for "Bearer of Bad News"


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When you complete a quest that gives you a blue reward item, that item is usually unique. You can only get this item once from the quest and sometimes it is actually really badass. Let’s use an example. If you start the quest “Won’t Get Fooled Again” in PT2 around lv 40, you will get a lv40 unique pistol called the “Law.” However, that is not the best “Law” you could be getting, because it is lv40. If you do not accept the quest, it will stay unaccepted in your quest log until you do accept it. You may talk to the person who gives the quest, but you should NOT accept the mission, because that will fix its level to whatever it says.

On completion of PT2 you will have access to PT2.5, a mode where every single enemy, quest and item is scaled to roughly lv50. Don’t get me wrong here, this is not a new game that you start from the beginning, this is just PT2 except everything is scaled to you. This means that the rewards from these now-lv50 quests are also lv50, meaning you will get the best version of that once-per-playthrough item.

So you might be thinking to yourself, “Gee, if everything is scaled to me in PT2.5 maybe I should just ignore every single sidequest and just do story missions to get PT2.5 as quick as possible!” Well, you can do that, but I highly advise you not to. PT2 is significantly harder than the first run, every little bit of experience helps. I’m not saying it’s impossible to do, it will just be a helluva lot more challenging for you.

The purpose of this guide is to list all of the unique rewards from quests -- not all these guns are “good” for PT2.5, but it is mainly up to you to decide if the item is good or not. (Personal preferences and all that.) Some of the mission rewards listed here may sound really bad to you, but hey, maybe you’ll like the item. You never know if you will like a gun with red text unless you try it. As a note, I have skipped over every quest that gives out a unique skin, because it doesn’t matter what level a skin is. Also I skipped a few quests here and there that give unique items that are completely useless (Like “Moxxi’s Endowment” from the quest “The Good, the Bad, and the Mordecai.”)

A Real Boy: Human[edit]

  • Location: Speak with Mal after completing “A Real Boy: Face Time.”

Face Time is the second part of a three part optional mission given by Mal in the Eridium Blight.

  • Gives: “Fibber,” One of the oddest pistols in the game. The fibber basically lies to you. Its stat page is completely inaccurate. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It could be one of the best guns in the game. You really need to do as you should for all red text guns: giv’er a whirl!

Anon edit

  • Note:The fibber's projectiles travel extremely slow so make sure to lead your target at ranges longer than point blank.

USEFUL Anon edit

  • The fibber is one of the best weapons in the game especially if used with The Bee where it's borderline OP. The thing is, the fibber it can come in 3 variants, 2 of which are absolute garbage and really shouldn't even be in the game, and another, the ricochet variant, which is amazing as it can shoot 8(?) UNLISTED projectiles per shot, which means each and every one of them can do 100% Amp Damage. The ricochets fibber's shot's are also extremely fast.

Animal Rights[edit]

  • Location: Speak with Mordecai after “Wildlife Preservation.”
  • Gives: “Trespasser,” A sniper rifle that is a throwback to the Hunter’s old skill “Trespass” that allowed a player to completely bypass shields. This sniper does exactly that, and completely ignores shields.

Assassinate the Assassins[edit]

  • Given by the Sanctuary Bounty Board after "Finding the Firehawk."
  • Each of the four assassins has a chance to drop a unique weapon. For example, the first Assassin that you come across, has a chance to drop the Legendary SMG, known as The Emperor.

/\ --- Not quite correct, or at least, it is misleading. Details incoming...

All the assassins have specific unique weapons they can drop while all 4 have an increased chance to drop Emperor.

Assassin Wot may drop the Commerce, an Hyperion Shock SMG with special visual effects.

Assassin Oney may drop the Judge, a Jakobs Pistol with both types of Crit Bonuses.

Assassin Reeth may drop Fremington's Edge, an Hyperion Sniper Rifle that has special increased zoom.

Assassin Rouf may drop the Dog, a Bandit Shotgun with increased Magazine, Fire Rate and Damage stats.

All of these unique weapons that each assassin drops are Blue Rarity, Red Flavor Text weapons and are Unique to these specific enemies. Emperor has an increased chance to drop from each of the assassins but can also be found anywhere legendaries can drop.

All assassins also have an increased chance to drop a class/character specific Skin. They are as follows: Maya's Dark Focus, Gaige's None Blacker, Axton's Black Ops, Krieg's Black As Day, Salvador's Black is Black and Zero's Dark Night. All of these skins are more or less based upon the color black and are some of the few in the game that get this color scheme.

Bandit Slaughter: Round 5[edit]

  • Location:Fink’s Slaughterhouse.
  • Gives: “Hail,” An assault rifle that fires bullets in a very high arc. Bullets explode upon impact for an additional ~80% damage, and split into two bullets after a traveling a certain distance.

Bearer of Bad News[edit]

  • Location: Talk to Mordecai after “Where Angels Fear to Tread.”
  • Gives: “Scorpio,” ( A Dahl Assault Rifle, it has a burst fire while ADS and does a good amount of damage. Its effect allows it to sometimes fire 2 shots instead of 1. Good for Axton’s who have the skill that buffs non-elemental damage.

Best Mother’s Day Ever[edit]

  • Location: Gift box dropped by any Stalker after “Stalker of Stalkers: located in highlands bounty board.
  • Gives: “Love Thumper,” A ‘roid shield. It behaves like a normal ‘roid shield in that it will give you bonus damage when it is depleted. However it has the lowest recharge delay in the game, somewhere around 3-4 minutes. If you like melee and aren't too bothered about your shields then this is the shield for you. Also your melee damage does a nova-like effect when you hit a target and it’s buffing you.


  • Location: Speak to Sam Mathews in Sanctuary after “Where Angels Fear to Tread.”
  • Gives: “Order,” A ‘roid shield. It behaves like a normal ‘roid shield, however When paired with the “Law” pistol from the quest “Won’t Get Fooled Again” it becomes overpowered for melee builds. Any time you melee a target with the “Law” and you have this shield equipped you regain health equal to the damage you did with your melee.

Clan War: Zafords vs. Hodunks[edit]

  • Location: Talk to Ellie after completing “Clan War: Wakey Wakey.”
  • Gives: “Chulainn” or “Landscaper” The Chulainn is a very powerful SMG with a huge tradeoff. It both slags and shocks targets, and is all around a good gun. However the large tradeoff is that it slags the player whenever you use it. Try it out and see if the tradeoff is worth it to you. The Landscaper is a sub-par shotgun. It fires 4 projectiles that stick to surfaces and then explode, not that useful.

Creature Slaughter Dome: Round 5 (PREORDER ONLY)[edit]

  • Location: Natural Selection Annex, via Wildlife Exploitation preserve.
  • Gives: “Miss Moxxi’s Creamer,” A fast-traveling high powered rocket launcher. The rockets also split in two after a certain distance. Heals user percentage amount of damage inflicted.

Cult Following: The Enkindling[edit]

  • Location: Talk to Incinerator Clayton in Frostburn Canyon after “Cult Following: Lighting the Match.”
  • Gives: “Flame of the Firehawk,” A very loud nova shield. When depleted it continually sets off a fire nova blast. As long as your shield is at zero it will keep setting off a nova blast every second. Probably the single most important quest reward to save for PT 2.5, because, well it's ORANGE (and incredibly useful for practically any build).

Wrong. Quest Reward from Lilith after completing The Endkindling.

Demon Hunter[edit]

  • Location: At the Sanctuary Bounty Board after completing “Animal Rescue: Shelter” and “Where Angels Fear To Tread.”
  • Gives: “Buffalo,” A throwback to the “Elephant Gun” from BL1, it has ridiculous damage, accuracy, and stability. It is a slow firing bolt action without a scope. But who needs a scope when you’ve got *skill.* It seems to also do extra critical hit damage as well. This is one of the best guns you can save for PT2.5.

Hell Hath No Fury[edit]

  • Location: Speak with Moxxi after “The Once and Future Slab.”
  • Gives: “ Kiss of Death,” A grenade mod that homes in on the target, sticks to their face and continuously damages them. Then explodes when the target dies or after a certain period of time and sends out transfusion beams.

Hungry Like the Skag[edit]

  • Location: An ECHO Recorder in the Arid Nexus Badlands after “Toil and Trouble.”
  • Gives: “Stomper,” a assault rifle with high damage, low clip size, fires as fast as you pull the trigger, and a large critical hit damage boost.

Hyperion Contract #873[edit]

  • Location: Overlook Bounty Board after “The Once and Future Slab.”
  • Gives: “Morningstar,” the only unique thing about this gun is that it talks, obnoxiously. It likes to guilt-trip you. Be warned. It’s actually a pretty good sniper though. It is a high damage elemental sniper rifle.

Hyperion Slaughter: Round 5[edit]

  • Location: Ore Chasm.
  • Gives: “Chere-Amie,” An elemental sniper rifle that sends out transfusion beams on hit.

Note for Self-Person[edit]

  • Location: Dropped from a Goliath spawned in The Fridge after "Cold Shoulder".
  • Gives: “Roaster”, a rocket launcher with rockets that travel extremely fast, also bonus elemental damage and chance unless the element is explosive.

Positive Self Image[edit]

  • Location: Talk to Ellie amorous campaign of ilding the Bandit Technical.
  • Gives: “The Afterburner,” An artifact that boosts everything about a vehicle’s boost. + boost capacity + boost recharge rate + boost recharge delay. It's abilities being limited to driving make it useless in combat, but can be useful in travel, and is practically mandatory in order

To complete the higher level Death Race missions in Torgues campaign of carnage. P

Rakkaholics Anonymous[edit]

  • Location: Talk to Mordecai after “Wildlife Preservation.”
  • Gives: “Miss Moxxi’s Rubi”( or “Sloth,” Rubi is, like most of Moxxi's guns, unique, in that when you inflict status damage on an enemy it heals you equal to the damage you’re doing. The pistol is rather sub par except for this effect and a high probability of affecting your foes with it’s element. [Edit: this was clearly one user's personal opinion. The Rubi, if used properly, is one of the best weapons in the game. While pellet damage might be low relative to other comparable pistols, its high elemental damage and effect chance more than offset the low bullet damage. Moreover, a whopping 12% of ALL damage inflicted is returned as health, meaning as long as the Rubi is equipped, all gun, melee, grenade, and elemental damage over time heals the user. This makes the Rubi one of the best weapons in the game for melee builds, if used properly. It also is widely considered one of the best weapons to use for several Gaige builds]

Night Sloth is a slag sniper rifle that fires in a 3 round burst. It does some pretty good damage but the tradeoff is that the rounds it fires are little orbs that travel slower then normal rounds

Safe and Sound[edit]

  • Location: Speak to Marcus after “Bright Lights, Flying City.”
  • Gives: “Miss Moxxi’s Heart Breaker” or “Lucrative Oppertunity” If you turn in the quest to Marcus you will get the relic, which increases the rate at which the shop’s item of the day timers will decrease more rapidly. Or you can give the quest to Moxxi who will give you a fire shotgun with some great stats and effects. The shotgun does quite a bit of damage, has a high fire effect chance, and like all moxxi guns heals you equal to the effect damage you do.


  • Location: Lynchwood Bounty Board after completing “3:10 to Kaboom” and “Breaking the Bank.”
  • Gives: “Deputy’s Badge” A unique artifact that has 3 effects, Boost shotgun damage, boost shotgun reload speed, and increase fight for your life time by 10% for each player in your game that has this item equipped.


  • Location: Talk to Sir Hammerlock after completing “Mighty Morphin’”and after “Bight Lights, Flying City.”
  • Gives: “The Octo”, a sub par shotgun that fires 8 rounds in a square pattern that “weave” into each other as they travel. Explodes upon reload. Nothing too special.

The Bane[edit]

  • Location: An ECHO Recorder in the alley beside Moxxi’s bar after “The Once and Future Slab.”
  • Gives: “Bane,” An annoying SMG. Produces very loud obnoxiously high pitched noises when you use it. It’s very inaccurate but it is a hyperion SMG so it gets better as you fire it. It has a large clip and does quite a lot of damage. Worst part about it is that you can barely move with it. Get it purely for comedic effect with your buddie. However, if you gunzerk 2 of them they can be used very effectively.

The Chosen one[edit]

  • Location: Speak to Marcus after “Where Angels Fear to Tread.”
  • Gives: “Evil Smasher,” an odd assault riffle that I don’t quite understand. All I know that it shoots high velocity explosive rounds. Give it a try.

Anon edit:

  • Every reload the Evil Smasher has a chance to get a stat boost to all stats, meaning that it fires faster, hits harder, and has a much higher ammo capacity. This effect is shown by a small explosive blast from the gun and a corresponding noise.
  • Note: Switching weapons cancels the effect, but it has been reported that the effect can bleed over to your other guns as long as you have it equipped.
  • Furthermore, if you begin to swap your weapon AND open the menu screens (Inventory, Skills, etc.) as soon as the effect occurs, you can swap out the Evil Smasher for any other weapon. From then on, so long as you don't reload, you'll keep the damage increase on every gun. This effect will be kept through Fast-Travels and death, and only disappear (assuming you avoid reloading) when you reload a save. Use it with the Vladof Infinity for maximum effect. [patched]

The Lost Treasure[edit]

  • Location: Locate a ECHO Recorder in Sawtooth Cauldron after “Where Angels Fear to Tread.”
  • Gives: “Dahlminator,” A E-tech pistol that fires homing caustic rounds. Also does burst fire while zoomed. This gun is amazing for anything that flies and robots.

The Overlooked: This is Only a Test[edit]

  • Location: Speak with Karima in The Highlands after “The Overlooked: Shields up.”
  • Gives: “Deadly Bloom,” A nova shield with a abnormally high recharge rate. On depletion it releases a nova blast and it must recharge to do it again. However when you enter fight for your life it will release another nova blast that will trigger as soon as your go down, and your shield doesn’t have to replenish if you go down again for it to go off again. Very useful for those who like to go down in the thick of enemies and go right back up.

The Pretty Good Train Robbery[edit]

  • Location: Speak with Tiny Tina after "Mine, All Mine."
  • Gives: "Fuster Cluck"

Uncle Teddy[edit]

  • Location: Fyrestone Bounty Board after “Toil and Trouble.”
  • Gives: “Lady Fist” or “Tidal Wave,” Both guns are throwbacks to the first 2 unique guns in BL1. The lady fist is a pistol that has a huge clip size and does quite a lot of critical hit damage (usually 300%+). Tidal wave is a shotgun that fires slow traveling rounds that “wave” up and down as they travel. Shots also ricochet off surfaces.

Edit: Lady Fist was patched at some point and had its critical damage modifier increased to 800%. I believe it was during the Loot Hunt. Anyways, Lady Fist is great as long as you crit. You can even use a lower level Lady Fist (like a lvl. 72 LF at OP8 for instance) with a Bee to do some serious damage as long as you are hitting crit spots.

Won’t Get Fooled Again[edit]

  • Location: Talk to Marshal Friedman in Sanctuary after “Bright Lights, Flying City.”
  • Gives: “Law,” A revolver pistol with high damage and an attachment that gives it +100% melee damage. Becomes overpowered for melee builds when used with the “Order” shield from the quest: “BFF’s.” (Note: This gun will also drop from the Sheriff of Lynchwood, however it is rare and will require farming to attain it by this method.)

You Are Cordially Invited: Tea Party[edit]

  • Location: Talk to Tiny Tina after “You Are Cordially Invited: RSVP.”
  • Gives: “Teapot” Variant. . corrosive pistol with a strong corrosion rate and it is most notable for Its large corrosive splash radius, good for armored Type groups.