Go to Ambermire is an objective in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Go to Ambermire is an objective in the Story Mission, Going Rogue in Borderlands 3


  • From Reliance, head to the South along the road.
  • Go just past the small swamp with the shack, coming up on the nearby wrecked ship.
  • Get out of your vehicle and look along the Southern side of the area to find an open doorway in some of the wreckage.
  • Head on through that doorway.
  • On the other side is a small Jabber camp.
  • This area is known as Hangman's Garden.
  • Fight what Jabbers you need to, but focus on heading forward through the area to the South.
  • This will lead you to a very large section of the wreckage with a tear running through it.
  • Time to use the Rogue-Sight some more to find 3 more marks.