Go to Vault is an objective in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Go to Vault is an objective in the Story Mission, Footsteps of Giants in Borderlands 3


  • Make your way out of the In the Wake of Doubt and to the Conqueror
  • Head to the South from there toward your destination.
  • Go to the Maliwan barrier found in the Southeastern area.
  • Head along the walkway and from there turn to the Southeast again, to hear from another General Traunt.
  • On your approach, you will start to encounter the Dark Maliwan troopers: Dark Flash Trooper, Dark Breach Trooper,
  • Head to the South and you will reach the Stain.
  • Here you will encounter more of those Troopers already, but after that you will find Badass Contaminator Heavies.
  • Defeat them as you make your way to the South another the path toward the Vault you are after.
  • You will also need to deal with an Arbalest.
  • Head to the Southeast, going up the stairs into the next plaza.
  • From there, turn to the Northeast, going up the next set of stairs to reach the following archway to reach the bridge toward the Vault.
  • You will need to start working on clearing out the Maliwan encampment here.