Kill General Traunt is an objective in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Kill General Traunt is an objective in the Story Mission, Footsteps of Giants in Borderlands 3


  • It is time to fight the brother: General Traunt, the brother.
  • This one fights using both Shock and Corrosive damage.
  • For the shield bar, this is the only time to favor Shock damage.
  • Traunt will also have launched a number of Shock Pillars.
  • Shoot these if you need a second wind.
  • This fight plays out much like the previous one did.
  • The General will eventually start launching orbs of Shock and Acid that will go around the outside of the arena.
  • He can also launch large balls of acid into the air.
  • These balls of acid will spit out bursts of acid from above.
  • This General does not summon in additional troops immediately, he instead uses the Shock Pillars as support.
  • Getting through a good portion of Traunt's shield, he will summon in Dark Assault Troops into the arena.
  • As much as possible try to aim for Traunt's head and any good target on his back (for the rare occasion he turns around).