Protect Agent Dee is an objective in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Protect Agent Dee is an objective in the Story Mission, Going Rogue in Borderlands 3


  • Time to protect Agent Dee and help him slaughter the Charmed Psychos and Devout Fanatics around here.
  • There are 8-10 enemies that need to be killed for the first wave.
  • Dee acts much like other Goliaths, powering up as he kills enemies, restoring his own health.
  • The second wave will have Longshot Fanatics, Shotgun Tink, and Fanatics to deal with.
  • More enemies will come out for an extended period so use whatever cover you can.
  • Be sure to use your Action ability to quickly get through some of these foes.
  • The final wave has a Badass Tink that you will need to defeat.