Reach the temple is an objective in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Reach the temple is an objective in the Story Mission, Footsteps of Giants in Borderlands 3


  • In Cadenza in Two Parts, head to the East along the corridor you find yourself in.
  • More Guardians are waiting for the Vault Hunter as you approach the main door of the temple.
  • You will encounter more Spectres and Heralds, with a chance of some Sera.
  • Go through the archway to the East.
  • You are back outside, where you will want to turn to the North.
  • Expect to encounter more of the local wildlife in this section.
  • Keep running as you enter the woods as the trail turns to the East, where you will encounter Djiras.
  • Keep running to avoid them as they will jump at you and explode otherwise.
  • Head down the slope to the East keeping your pace as you press toward the Vault inside the temple.
  • Keep with the path as it winds to the South after that.
  • You will start to deal with Mantas.
  • This will bring you to Charnel Keep as you approach the entrance of the Temple.
  • Go through the archway to the South and turn to the East and follow the path to the South.
  • This will eventually bring you to a Maliwan camp.
  • You will encounter more of their forces: Nullhound, Dark Flash Troopers and many of the others as well.
  • You can either fight or just head run to the South and enter into the Temple itself.